Major, USMC (Ret.), Professor of English and Former College Dean (Retired)
Writer and Photographer
Community Columnist (weekly), Kitsap Sun
Bremerton, Washington
 Forest, VA                                                                                                           
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Ph.D. in English and American Literature, University of Pennsylvania (1983)
M.A. in English, University of Delaware (1975)
B.A. in English, University of Delaware (1973)                     


"American Heart of Darkness:  The Moral Vision of Five Novels of the Vietnam War."  (Director: Peter Conn)

Ph.D. Specialty Exams       

Milton and Shakespeare
Didactic Writers of the English Renaissance

       Master's Thesis

       "Blake's Illustrations for Paradise Lost:  A Non-Satanic Reading"

       Undergraduate Honors Thesis

       "The Devil's Party:  An Analysis of the Relationship Between Blake and Milton"


Professor of English (full-time online), Strayer University, Newington, Virginia, 2009 - 2013 

Dean, Division of Social Sciences and Humanities, Olympic College, Bremerton, 
Washington, 2005 – 2009.  

Online Writing Tutor, Smarthinking.com, 2004 - 2005.  

Dean and Professor of English, School of Liberal Arts and Professional Programs, Maryville University
of St. Louis, 2001 - 2004.

Chair and Professor of English, Division of Language and Literature, Glenville State College, 1993 - 2001.  
(Chair, 1993 – 2000; Professor, 997 – 2001; Associate Professor, 1993 – 1997.)

Associate Professor of English, Major, U.S. Marine Corps, U. S. Naval Academy, Department of English, 
1990 -1993.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Naval Science and Marine Officer Instructor, University of California, Berkeley, 
Department of Naval Science (NROTC), 1984 1987.

Instructor in English, Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program Preparatory School (a summer program
for officer candidates), three summers,1978 1980.


Community Columnist, biweekly, Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA), Sep. 29, 2011 - present.  

Officer (attaining rank of major), U.S. Marine Corps, 1975-1977, 1980-1993. Aside from academic assignments
at Berkeley and the Naval  Academy, I served as an administrative officer.

Enlisted man (attaining the rank of sergeant), U. S. Marine Corps, 1965-1969.  I served in Vietnam as a rifleman and 
patrol leader, living and working with Vietnamese Popular Forces in the Combined Action program.  Before Vietnam, 
I served in a special logistics program.  After Vietnam, I was assigned to the military police as a desk sergeant.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (Academic and Occasional Essays - The purple titles are links to the articles available online
                                       or ordering information online.)

Tiger Papa Three: Memoir of a Combined Action Marine in Vietnam. McFarland, 2020.  

"The Importance of Being Ernest:  A Veteran's Eye View of W.D. Ehrhart's Vietnam War Poetry and Prose." 
In The Last Time I dreamed about War:  Essays on the Life and Writing of W. D. Ehrhart
 Ed. J. J. Malo.  McFarland, 2014.

"Leaves of the Palm."  My bi-weekly columns in the Kitsap Sun, since 29 Sep. 2011.   

"Graham Greene and I Were Wrong."  The Montreal Review.  Aug. 2011.  

"My Turn:  Military Entitlements Don't Come for Free."  Kitsap Sun.  21 Aug. 2011.  A11.

"The Way We Were:  Collins Park, 1959."  Write from Wrong Literary Magazine.  15 Jul. 2011.

"My Turn:  If You Cover a War, You're Part of It."  Kitsap Sun.  27 Feb. 2011.  A11.

"My Turn:  Let Gays Serve Openly in the Military."  Kitsap Sun.  5 Dec. 2010.  A11.

"Appreciate the Value of Military Service."  The Seattle Times.  11 Nov. 2010.  A19.  

“The Quiet American Revisited:  Orientalism Reconsidered.”  War, Literature & the Arts.  Vol. 23:  2011.

“Real Officers Don’t Teach Keats:  The Naval Academy, ROTC, and Military Spiritualism.”  Military Culture
and Education.  Ed. Douglas Higbee.  Farnham, UK:  Ashgate, 2010:  9-27.

"Religion and Original Intent."  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  3 Sep. 2010.

"A Funny Story."  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  31 Aug. 2010.

"The New Spartan Mother."  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  29 Aug. 2010.

"Vietnam Vets...Should Be Dissent Leaders." The Seattle Times.  28 Aug. 2010.  A11.

“My Turn:  WikiLeaks Opens Credibility Gaps.”  Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA).  4 Aug. 2010.  

“The Way We Were:  Collins Park, 1959.”  (Monthly column) Word Catalyst Magazine Mar. 2010: 

“Delaware Revisited.”  (Monthly column) Word Catalyst Magazine Feb. 2010:  

“The Annals of the Rod and God Club:  The Rosary Society.”  Word Catalyst Magazine Jan. 2010:  

“The Annals of the Rod and God Club:  The Lives of the Saints.”  Word Catalyst Magazine Dec. 2009:  

“My Turn:  We’re Not Heroes for Serving in the Military.”  Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA).  11 Nov. 2009.

“Vietnam:  Through the Lens.” The Wanderlust Review.  Part One, 3 Jul. 2009; Part Two, 6 Jul. 2009.  
http://www.wanderlustreview.com/?p=187, http://www.wanderlustreview.com/?p=197

“The Veterans Are Coming!  The Veterans Are Coming!”  Inside Higher Ed.  19 Sep. 2008.  
http://insidehighered.com/views/2008/09/19/palm (Reprinted in Everything’s an Argument
5th ed.  Ed. Andrea Lunsford, John Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters.  Bedford/St. Martin’s, 
Jan. 2010.)

"Who's the Greatest."  The VVA Veteran.  July/August 2008.  http://www.vva.org/veteran/0808/letters.html

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“Lighten up on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.”  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  17 Dec. 2007.  B5.                                 

“Danger Signs on Early Path to Priesthood.”  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  20 Jul. 2007.  B7.

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“Spending Your Christmas in a Combat Zone.”  All Things Considered.  National Public Radio.  15 Dec. 2006.  

A President Who Faced the Facts.”  Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  17 Nov. 2006:  B7.

“Knowing Haditha Could Happen; Wishing it Didn’t.”  All Things Considered.  National Public Radio.  3 Aug. 2006.

“Vietnam Vet Sees Changing Reception to Service.” All Things Considered.  National Public Radio.  6 Jun. 2006.

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Culture/Popular Culture Association. New Orleans, LA.  20 Apr. 2000.  

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  Annual Meeting of the American Culture/Popular Culture Association.   San Diego, CA, 1 Apr. 1999.

 “An American Pie: Lansdale, Lederer, Dooley, and the Selling of the War.” Annual Meeting of the American Culture/Popular
Culture Association. Orlando, FL, 11 Apr. 1998.   

“Delivering Us to Evil:  Tom Dooley's Role in the Selling of the War.”  Annual Meeting of the American Culture/Popular Culture
Association.  San Antonio, TX, 28 Mar. 1997.

Panel organizer and chair.  “The Literary Rules of Engagement:  Sense Making or Sensibility.”  Special session. 1995 Convention
 of the Modern Language Association.  “Sense Making or Sensibility:  Whither Vietnam Literature?”  1995 Convention of the
Modern Language Association. Chicago, 28 Dec. 1995.

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 American Culture/Popular Culture Association.  Philadelphia, PA, 14 Apr. 1995. 

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Conference. Danbury, CT, 4 Nov. 1994. 


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Splash of Red  (five images).  http://splashofred.squarespace.com/art/edward-palm/

"Photography & the Arts:  Picture Perfect."  Featured photographer (5 images).  Write from Wrong Literary Magazine.
15 Oct. 2010. http://writefromwrong.com/2010/10/14/photoart-october/

"Big Bad John."  Photo accepted by The Sun (a literary magazine published in Chapel Hill, NC).  Publication dateTBD.  

Word Catalyst Magazine.  Featured photo and four others.  May 2009.  
http://www.wordcatalystmagazine.com/pages95/palmphoto95.html. Three photos, July 2009.

“Only in Washington:  A Juried Fine Art Photographic Exhibition.” [Two of 107 Images, representing 67 photographers,
are mine.]  1 Oct. 2008-31 Mar. 2009.  Washington State Convention and Trade Center.  Seattle, WA.

“Edward F.  Palm:  Photography” (exhibit of 39 prints).  Olympic College Art  Gallery, Olympic College (Bremerton, WA.).  
Jan. 5 – 30, 2009.

“Existential Travels:  Photography by Edward F. Palm”   (exhibit of 45 prints).  Olympic College Art Gallery, Olympic College
(Bremerton, WA.). 19 Sep. – 20 Oct. 2006.

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Maryville University of St. Louis.  19 Mar. – 18 Apr. 2003. 

Cover Photo (“Dong Ha Kids, Vietnam, 2002”).   Viet Nam War Generation Journal 2.2 (Dec. 2002).  

Solicited display of Vietnam photography (8 prints, from 1967 and 2002) at a poetry reading.   DA Center for the Arts, 
Pomona, CA.  Nov. 15, 2002.  

Cover Photo (“Exhausted Marine, Vietnam, 1967”).   Viet Nam War Generation Journal 2.1 (Aug. 2002).

Cover Photo (“Popular Force Soldier, Vietnam, 1967”).    Viet Nam War Generation Journal  1.4 (Apr. 2002).

Cover Photo (“Little Girl, Vietnam, 1967”).   Viet Nam War Generation Journal 1.2 (Aug. 2001).   

Exhibitor (12 prints).   “Without Limits: A Community of Women.”  (Juried Exhibition of photographs of women of all ages
 and settings, traditional and non-traditional.)  Glenville State College, Glenville, WV, 12 Apr. - 3 May 2000.

Organizer and exhibitor.  “Encounters: An Exhibit of Multicultural and International Photography.  Glenville State College, 
Glenville, WV, 18 - 20 Oct. 1999.

“The Other War: A Photographic Memoir of the Combined Action Program in Vietnam, 1967.”  Visions of Vietnam
[an exhibit of original photography].  Glenville State College, Glenville, WV, 21 Sep. - 9 Oct. 1998. 

“The People of Papa Three:  A Photographic Record of the Combined Action Program” (original photography). 
Sixties Generations Conference. Danbury, CT, 6 Oct. 1995.  


Member, General Education Advisory Board.  Henley-Putnam University.  

American Council on Education Course Evaluation (American literature surveys), the College Network, 
Indianapolis, 7 - 8 Sep. 2011.

Member, Kitsap County, WA, Veterans Advisory Board.

Olympic College Representative. Articulation and Transfer Council. Washington State Board for Community
and Technical Colleges.

Olympic College Representative.  Intercollegiate Relations Council. Washington  State Board for Community 
and Technical Colleges.

Prospectus Evaluator. Approaches to Teaching the Works of Tim O’Brien. Approaches to Teaching World Literature series.
Modern Language Association.  April 2005.

Elected member and chair. Promotion and Tenure Committee. Glenville State College, 2000 - 2001 academic year. Invited 
Panelist.  Discussion of the service academies and their worth, pursuant to a planned special issue of The American 
Enterprise.  The American Enterprise Institute. Washington, D.C. 2 July 1998.

Manuscript Referee. “Special Issue on Genre.”  Guest Ed. Christopher Orr.  Film Criticism 12.1 (1997).

Manuscript Referee,  “Vietnam War Themes in Korean War Fiction,” By Philip K. Jason.  South Atlantic
Review 61:1 (1996).  

Faculty Representative to the Glenville State College Board of Advisors, 1999 – 2000 academic year.          

Director, Intensive English Program, English as a Second Language Program, Glenville State College.  1994 – 2000.

GSC Representative, State College System Consortium on Citizenship, Ethics, and Community Service.

Elected Member, Research and Professional Development Committee, Department of English, USNA.  1992 - 1993.  

Elected Representative, Faculty Forum, USNA.

Contributing Editor for Marine Corps Professional Notes.  Naval Institute Proceedings.  1990 -1993.

Consultant, Marine Corps Gazette, for “War in Literature,” a new regular feature publishing excerpts from classic works
of war literature. 

Marketing reviewer. The Informed Argument, 4th ed.  Harcourt Brace.

Marketing reviewer.  The Rinehart Guide to Grammar and Usage, 4th ed. Harcourt Brace.

Pre-publication reviewer.  Reasons to Believe. Harcourt Brace.

Pre-publication reviewer.  Writing with Reason:  A Writer's Guide to Logic. Harcourt Brace.  


Freshman CompositionThe Art of the Novel
Rhetoric and Introduction to LiteratureShort Fiction
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American LiteratureBritish/World Literature
American Literature Survey    Shakespeare
Contemporary American LiteratureWorld Literature Survey
Vietnam in Fact, Fiction, and Film   British Literature Survey
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Introduction to LiteratureAmerican Military History
The Military in American Society   The History of Amphibious Warfare


West Virginia Humanities Council Research Fellowship, Summer 1996.
1989 Colonel Robert Debs Heinl Jr. Memorial Award in Marine Corps History for
      “Tiger Papa Three:  A Memoir of the Combined Action Program.”
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, University of Delaware, 1973.
B.A. with High Honors and Distinction, University of Delaware, 1973.         

Available upon request.