Tiger Papa Three:  
A  Memoir of the
Combined Action Program 

(copyright 1988; all rights reserved)

The CAP badge I wore "in country."

Photography and writing by Edward F. Palm
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Department of Explanation.  "Tiger Papa Three," the story of how I lost the war as a combined action Marine in Vietnam in 1967, was first published in the January and February 1988 issues of Marine Corps Gazette.  There were certain human-interest facets of the Vietnam experience I couldn't include in a professional military journal. I have now included those facets in my book Tiger Papa Three: Memoir of a Combined Action Marine (McFarland Books). The cover image above is a link to ordering information.  
        Since my book is now in print, I can no longer include an excerpt here. But I am posting a column I wrote for the 45th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and the final end of our Vietnam misadventure. It was printed in the Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA), the Statesman Journal ( Salem, OR), the Evening Journal/Delaware Online (Wilmington, DE), the News and Advance (Lynchburg, VA), and Military Times.

Edward F. Palm
July 1, 2020