Photography by Edward F. Palm
                     Papa Three and Cam Hieu:  Then and Now
                                    (Copyright 2003; all rights reserved)
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         Also, to see more of my Vietnam photography--from 1967 and 2002--please click on the "More Palm Prints" button at the bottom of page 5 of "Palm-Prints." 
The village chief's house, 1967
LCpl. Larry Scroggs, 1967
Papa Three PF
Crossing the Song Cam Lo, 1967
Operator of the ferry service, 1967
PF on guard, crossing the Song Cam Lo, 1967
Doc's first crossing, 1967
Vietnam Service Ribbon
Life at Papa Three after the flood, fall 1967
"Sarge" (Bill Cooke) getting ready to cross the Song Cam Lo